Creating deep-penetrating, longer-lasting cold to promote vasoconstriction and reduce blood flow, reduce inflammation and edema (swelling), decrease muscle spasms, decrease metabolic demand - perfect for post exercise recovery, and safely relieve pain without narcotics following acute injury or surgery. Used immediately following acute injury or surgery and as needed thereafter.


Generates its own controllable heat to promote vasodilation and increase circulation to the injured area, supporting the lymphatic system and aiding natural healing while reducing pain and stiffness. Heat therapy is used after the initial inflammatory response caused by an injury or surgery begins to diminish


Rapid contrast therapy (RCT) alternately opens and constricts the vascular system, increasing blood flow to an injured area without causing the accumulation of additional edema (swelling). RCT also helps decrease nerve sensitivity to reduce pain. Our equipment is capable of an unprecedented <1 minute changeover rate – for compact and clean RCT delivery independent of gravity and without messy tubs


Our setup also delivers adjustable, intermittent pneumatic compression (IPC). IPC mimics natural muscle contractions to “pump” edema (swelling) away from the injury area, encourages oxygenated blood flow, and helps conform the wraps to the body for better surface contact and deeper penetrating cold/heat/contrast therapy – all to help the healing process. IPC has been shown to be most effective when combined with cryotherapy

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