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Stretching before a run doesn't do anything!?!

It’s about time. I think the myth can finally be dispelled. I may get chased down the road with pitchfork carrying pre-exercise pro-stretching advocates but here I go. Stretching before exercise is about as useless in preventing injury as one of Hue Heffner’s new girlfriends trying to convince you she has no interest in money.

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Tear me another one - muscle tears and middle age soccer

Now that we are heading into winter the most common injury we will see in the clinic by far are muscle tears, the most common age group affected are over 35. Out of those, the most common presentation will be from soccer players and, out of them men who have a relatively sedentary job Monday to Friday are at the greatest risk.

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Heel pain in kids? What actually is sever's disease

This being that time of year when all parents sit around a table and someone say “Not long now”, everyone looks at each other with absolute exhaustion and yet sheer joy, acknowledging with the slightest facial expression what that comment is in reference too. That time being the kids that you love so much but really don’t like so much at the moment are heading back to the parent relief centre or school as it also known to those without kids. 

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